Thursday, November 14, 2013

Obamacare Marketing: Do You Care?

This blog today is targeted at Dads, but Moms will get something out of this too.

I attended one of Roy Baldwin's workshops at the D-6 Conference in Dallas. He works for Focus On The Family and his blog is called "Dad Matters". Here is a description of his blog: "Dad Matters was started to encourage every dad, step-dad and father figure on his journey, no matter his age or stage or life situation.  We, the bloggers on Dad Matters, are dads like you ... committed to doing things well, but struggling at times with what that looks like."

So, I was reading Roy's blog today and it was pretty alarming to see how Obamacare is being marketed in the state of Colorado.

This conversation has nothing to do with the policy surrounding Obamacare, but it definitely is about the marketing of it. No matter what you think about the healthcare policy, this advertising is deplorable.

Dads need to step up and educate their sons on what biblical manhood is and it is definitely NOT what the culture is currently defining who and/or what a man is.

Check out Roy's blog. I hope we never see these advertisements in Oklahoma, but IF we do, it will be a great opportunity for Faith Walk discussions with our sons and daughters.

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