Faith Talk

Imagine a household where the Gospel stands at the center of life. We dream of a home were Scripture is believed and lived out each day in all its depth and richness.

  • What if our family made the family meal - the most basic way of sharing life together - a high-priority and a means of spiritual formation in our home?
  • What if our family read and discussed the Scripture -our only perfect and ultimate source understanding God and the gospel - regularly, appropriately, and in unity?
  • What if our families prayed together and in doing so we’re trained in the life long habit of trusting God?

Faith Talk Definition

Faith Talk: A designated time, at least once per week, with no media, for the household to gather for prayer and the study of biblical truth together. This household gathering may include not only parents and children but also other individuals with been invited to share this time with the family.

The purpose of the talks is to restore Christian parents to their God ordained role as teachers of God's word in their children's lives. Every Christian parent should, become significant and consistent conveyor of God's word in his or her children’s lives.

Your family’s partner in ministry, New Beginnings Church will cheer you on and support you greatest Kingdom role - disciple-making parent!

Order these resources and sit them on your dining room table or kitchen. Each family meal read a brief portion of the resource. After prayer, discuss the passage. Make it fun. Share the responsibility to lead between parents, grandparents, and with your kids as they grow older.

To order the resource, click the link/caption below the book image.


  1. Nice tool. Will this be offered on a weekly/monthly basis?

    1. I thought we responded to this a long time ago... We have done a couple of these on special occasions (like holidays & the snow cancelation nights) but nothing on a weekly basis YET!!

      We are currently working on a 52 week "Faith Talk" outline for all three areas and this will release this fall (August 2013)!! Thanks for asking and get excited for the Faith Talk release!!