Monday, November 11, 2013

A day to remember...

While today is nationally recognized as Veteran’s Day, we primarily celebrate this date for a different reason in our home. For it was on a Sunday afternoon a year ago, my wife and I were married. I remember scrambling around all morning, hoping I had packed everything for our honeymoon trip. I’m not normally one too concerned with my looks, but I was trying extra hard on that particular day, as I wanted to look my absolute best for my gorgeous bride. We had friends and family from parts near and far attend our wedding ceremony. I had one of my former students comment on how nervous I looked standing up front by the minister, waiting for Brittany and her father to come down the aisle. To which I said, “Dude, did you see my wife?! Did you see all the people?! I mean, who wouldn’t have sweaty palms!?”

As I reflect back on that special day and this amazing last year that the Lord has blessed us with, I’m reminded of some things that tie in with this national holiday. Like those that serve our country to help maintain our peace and freedom, the hard work that goes into marriage is often similarly unseen. Countless hours of training and discipline go into the development of a good soldier. For husbands and wives, it is a matter of constantly reprogramming one’s mind to think first of his or her spouse, not self. Meaning that our wants and wishes are no longer primary, but rather what’s best for us. This is because we are working for something so much bigger than ourselves or even our own marriage. For the opportunity we have been granted, in fact, all couples have been given is this: we have a chance to show God’s love for mankind, in the way we love our spouse. The reach of this focus may impact your children, your community, and generations to come.

The veteran is honored today because of his or her self-sacrifice and constant awareness of the bigger goal of service. The veteran would also be familiar with the necessary component of achieving one’s mission. Much like those serving, the overall success of our marriage (and yours too) is dependent upon those around us. Sure, we have the biggest responsibility within our marriage, but we all need others for support. We need someone to cover us, encourage us, and help refocus our attentions to the mission at hand. As my wife and I look back at our wedding day photos, we’re grateful for the people the Lord has surrounded us with. We are blessed beyond all measure!! May we make the most of the opportunity we’ve been given and may we each love our spouse in such a way that others might clearly see God’s grace at hand… Happy Anniversary to us and may God richly bless all our Veterans!!
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