Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Do you celebrate your son!?

Last week I posted a couple brief stories and one of them relates to this week very much (check out last week's post here):

Me: "Jackson, did you know that there is no one in the entire world I would have rather gone with me this morning to speak with the football team than you"
Jackson: "Really dad!?" ((With a massive grin))

I tell you that story to tell you what happen yesterday... Jackson came into the kitchen after finishing up one of his responsibilities (collecting the trash) when he stated: "Do you know something that hurts my feelings?" (said matter of fact-ly) "When I bring home some of my art projects and we throw them away" ((then the tears flowed))

Sometimes I get it right... and other times I blow it big time!!  I read an article a few weeks ago where the author challenged Dads (and also applies to Moms) to encourage their sons in big ways.  The author went on to quote Proverbs 15:20 which states that "a wise son brings joy to his father" and in so doing maybe we parents should do our best to spare no emotion to show them how blessed we are by their lives!!  (click here for the whole article)

He went on to point out this video posted by a boy who decided to tape his dad's reaction to his grade report.  I don't want to spoil it (it's totally worth the 2 minutes)... Check it out below:

- When was the last time you stopped, looked your son in the eye and said: "I am proud of you"?
- When was the last time you took your son (or daughter) for a short one-on-one 'slushie date'?
- When was the last time you just laid next to your son (or daughter) in bed and just listened?

May we find reasons to celebrate and affirm our sons (and daughters) for the things they accomplish!!  May we spend time finding out what makes our children really "tick"... May we be so brave to show them the kind of love we are shown from the Father... May we give our kids the unconditional acceptance they so desperately seek!!

Father give us incredible insight and opportunities this week to celebrate all things with the ones you have entrusted to us to raise in your sight!!

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