Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day 2: The Day After

Yep, 2nd day of the new year, 2014. I am gone on a family vacation, so this is being written on Sunday night, December 29th. I will be praying about opportunities for Faith Walks with my two adult daughters and son-in-law in the few days we will get to spend together in Tampa. This is their Christmas present and I am hoping the memories that we get to share together will be ones they will never forget.

You see, all 4 of us share a common bond, besides our faith in Christ. We love Iowa football. None of us have ever been to a college bowl game. This will have been our first experience and we get to experience it on New Years Day at the Outback Bowl.  We will have some memories together, win or lose. I will even get to see a friend of mine that I have not seen in over 13 years. I helped to lead him to Christ over 15 years ago. He proceeded to lead his wife and daughter to Christ. So, getting to see him will be another blessing on this trip.

Hope your new year has started off on the right foot. I know that mine will have been eventful, one way or the other:) As they say in Iowa City: "Go Hawks!"


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