Friday, October 4, 2013

Family Life Changer!

Good News! Great Joy! All People!

As I have said before, I can say without reservation that my marriage has done more to influence my kid’s faith than anything else I have ever done. Since the day I was married I have taught or preached over 6000 times, led dozens of mission trips, and directed too many VBS’es to remember. I have had countless Faith Talks and Faith Walks in our home. Yet it is my marriage that has contributed more significantly to our children’s spiritual formation than all of these actions combined. Just behind, demonstrating God's love by the way I love my wife, involving my kids in God's mission is the best thing I ever did to influence my kid's faith.
Many families stay involved in church activities without becoming involved in God’s mission. That is missing the point.
  • That’s like owning a fancy new car but never having any gasoline.
  • That’s like joining a team, practicing hard every single week and never playing in a real game.
  • That’s like cooking your favorite delicious 7 course meal but not eating it or serving it to anyone.
Some parents are, making good excuses, saying:
  • Yes, our family believes in and supports missions, but right now we are too young to make a difference.
  • Yes, we parents believe in and support missions, but our (insert age here) kids are too immature and self centered to think about others.
  • Isn’t it best to support others, such as a local inhabitant, or those more qualified to get involved in God’s mission?
  • Aren’t mission trips too expensive, and yet only last for such a limited time.
  • We're just a small family with limited means, we could never make a difference.
A Perfect Faith Mission Family Project

These are good excuses, but the are still just excuses. NBFamilies partners with parents to support them in their role as primary disciple makers and faith influencers of their children.
Parents should pray to have an experience with their kids – in a neighborhood, on a ball team, in a school club, where the Gospel spreads like Good News does.
NBFamilies choose to never elevate the family above the church’s mission in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • What would change for your family if you began to experience the joy of watch the Gospel spread through your family?
  • What could God do through you and your family to reach your neighbors, your ball teams, your school classes or clubs, or your extended family for Jesus?
  • How would your family look different and mature if you planned intentionally to do something for God’s mission?
    • What if you went on a family mission trip instead of a family vacation?
    • What if your family prayed for the kids (and parents lurking in the streets and shadows) who were coming to your house to “Trick or Treat?”
    • What if you discussed and prayed for which of your kids friends you invited and gave a ride to church the next week?
    • What if you planned, purchased, prayed over, and sent a shoe box full of toys for a child the same age to the other side of the globe?
    • What would Operation Christmas Child teach you and your kids?
    • Could this become another treasured Christmas tradition for your family?

You will be hearing more about Operation Christmas Child this month. It is a perfect first step on your family’s spiritual journey.
Select a child the same sex and age of you child?

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