Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow Day!!!

"Snow Day"... I'm not sure if there is another set of words that when used together bring more excitement and joy to kids yet often anger and fear to parents.  Though I'm joking a little, you know what I'm talking about.  The first snow day is like: "sledding is the best", the second day is: "alright, that's fine, we could do another day" but the third day is: "Our school's name better not come up... Nooooooo!!!  What are they thinking, the streets are fine!?"

Recently I had a realization that I don't have much more time with my kids.  Couple that with the fact that our kids go to public schools and time together is limited, I have made it a goal to take vacation time anytime my kids are out of school.  I know that most are not blessed with a cool enough job to be able to take a day-off when the kids are out of school for holidays, especially not for a "snow day".  My heart this morning isn't about having days-off to be a better parent but making sure we take the time however we can get it.  Last week, Courtney sent me a story of a family in New Jersey that took advantage of an opportunity to create memories together through building an igloo (Click here to read the whole story).  The thing that I loved the most in the whole story was dad's response at the end: "There is never a good time to stop your life and take on some a silly family project...But if you don't stop every once in a while, you never will."  

Trust me when I tell you we do not stop life enough to do silly family projects and I often blow it on seeing great Faith Walk moments.  But I'm trying...  That statement is the spirit that has inspired us to do more.  To look for ways to find joy in the now and not just hopeful for "when we have enough money saved up."  To take time-off even when it doesn't seem like a "good time" knowing we are not promised tomorrow.  Many folks know that my step-father ("Pop") passed away two years ago.  Most of you probably don't know that it happened while we were working on a floor for my daughters' playhouse.  Though it has been hard thinking about what else he could have done all those times he came to help me or the retirement I know my mom and he were looking forward to, I also know he would have had it no other way.  He loved making memories with his grandkids and is smiling watching us play every chance we take.  May we never waste a moment!!  

Over the last month we have seen several "snow days" and my prayer is that the Berg kids remember each of them with joy and excitement!!  Below are a few pics from this year's snow days:

May we find peace in Your timing... May we find focus in our time with our families... May You give us Spirit-led moments to soak up... May You continue to pour out blessings of time for us to make much of You... May we love others more and ourselves less... May we fall for You all over again today!!

The Berg's

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  1. Love you Jeff Berg and so thankful you make us a priority-Courtney:)