Friday, October 3, 2014

First Time Events

This is CC's first selfie. 
This is C.C. my granddaughter. If you are wondering why I didn't submit a "Phil Friday" post last week it was because Carol and I traveled to California to be with this 6 month old bundle of joy.
Today's blog post is an opportunity for you to see some of her "firsts." (First time eating solid food, first time rolling over, and first time in the ocean) As I was thinking about last week and challenged to write this week's blog the following occurred to me: Each family is experiencing a stage in as faith influencers.
How old is your family in Family Ministry years? Are you in your infancy stage (0- a few months old)? Are you a toddler family (beginning to walk but still stumbling and falling)? Are you are teenager (heard it all before and already ignoring and rebelling from the calling)?
If you have been attending New Beginnings for very long, you have heard how the bible clearly places the responsibility of discipling children upon the parents. The rhetorical question is, "How many "first have you experienced in discipling or influencing the faith of your family?"
  • Have you prayed together, out loud, as a family?
  • Have you had your first "Faith Talk?"
  • Have you experienced a "Faith Walk" moment?
  • Have you participated in a spiritual milestone or "Faith Map?"
  • Have you learned together about God's gospel mission through a "Faith Mission" event?
Unless we are intentional about making these opportunities happen, our busy families will tragically miss out. And our kids will stay vunerable spiritual babies. At cute as these first photos are of 6 month old C.C., they would be heartbreaking if she were 21 and still learning to walk, or eat solid food. See the parallel?
CC rolled over while we were there!
At New Beginnings Church we have been encouraging parents to raise their children with there grandchildren in mind. Your kids will grow up and have children of their own. Read that again. You are not only influencing the faith of your children, you’re influencing the faith of your grandchildren, and on an on and on… It is just like the psalmist said in Psalm 145:4-5
One generation will declare Your works to the next and will proclaim Your mighty acts. I v will speak of Your splendor and glorious majesty and Your wonderful works.
When faith in Jesus Christ is bridging the generations, when Jesus is real in the hearts of your adult children, when they commit themselves to raising godly disciple of Jesus, then the thrill you sense is unexplainably powerful!
CC's first time in the Ocean.
We must make plans to experience the "firsts" of family ministry so we can experience genuine spiritual growth that result in grant spiritual strength. Will you dream with me for a minute?
  • What would summer camp look like if I attended with my family and invested in them and their peers that week?
  • What would change for me and my family if I became a volunteer mentor in New Beginnings Church’s children’s ministry?
  • How might my neighbor's faith be influenced if I offered to take their kids to church and volunteered in their small group as a discussion leader?
  • What sacrifices (time?, money?, energy?) will I need to make in order to make my family a faith influencing/disciple making family?
  • How will we spend our money in order to make these things a priority?
  • How would we rearrange our home in order that faith development could occur more naturally?
These types of decisions must be made swiftly and with intentionality. How will I intentionally and strategically set up an environment where my children will be a vital part of a faith community?
I want to continue to influence the faith of my kids. But now, more than ever, I want to plant, water, and nurture seeds of faith in my grandkids.
I challenge you to get started in experiencing your "firsts." Raise you kids with your grandkids in mind!

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