Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry "Hump-Day" Christmas!!

Before someone get's mad... This is a biblical concept!!  There's a camel in the nativity (Just in case you don't have a nativity at your house, I attached a pic below)

Since it's actually Christmas Day, I'm betting no one reads this post (or shouldn't... GO BE WITH YOUR FAMILY), I thought I would just give you a fun post of my family's favorite Christmas Movies (some of you probably didn't know that I and my family are avid movie watchers... Thus, believe that this list is very good)!!   If you were needing a more spiritual post this morning... See: 'Our Need for the Nativity' or 'Eternal life in Christmas'

Jeff's Family's Favorite Christmas Movies (No particular order):

Now that you know which are the best, grab one tonight and follow up with a Faith Talk!!
*Disclaimer read ratings... Or like me, check Plugged In for overviews & discussion ideas 

May God bless your time with your family... May you put the phone down and just enjoy your time together... May you see the blessing in every moment... May His glory be present in your time together... May we love others because you first loved us!!

The Bergs

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